Hi! I’m Cos, and I run this service. My pronouns are he/him and I live in #Naarm / #Melbourne in Australia with my wife and cats.

I’ve been hanging around the Internet since the days of UUCP connections. The distributed / less-centralized nature of those times is something that still appeals to me, which is why I’m still here #selfhosting and hosting for others – I’ve loved empowering friends to get their thoughts up and into the Internet so that it’s not just the same old nerds like me in here.

I’m trying out WriteFreely as a way to better aggregate my writing and some other information. This post serves as both an #introduction and a test.

what do I like to do?

A significant part of my brain seems to be filled with #musiclots of it. I used to try and blog about it long ago, but now I'd rather just keep listening than finding ever-more convoluted ways to describe it.

I love #walking, especially as a way to explore #FilmPhotography (or digital #photography). I’m not scared of #PublicTransport and quite like #trains.

My photography goes way back on Flickr, a little less further back on Instagram and I've more recently been experimenting with Pixelfed – see @cos@pixelfed.social or @cos@pixelfed.au. Either way, I try to find beauty in the everyday with my images. I'm particularly fascinated by blankness.

needing direction

what do I care about?

The world's a better place when we don't feel we need to hide who we really are. To me, this means (among other things):

where can I be found on social media?

These days, the Fediverse is where it's at – you can find me at @cos@aus.social.

what do I do for work?

I spent a long time as a systems administrator, network engineer, systems engineer and otherwise, but these days I focus on the people aspects of #DevOps, #SRE or #PlatformEngineering by managing teams, growing people, and helping everyone understand that Software’s Not Just For Christmas. If you want to know more, you can read my LinkedIn Profile.


#emacs is not a dirty word. Given my change of work focus, I’d guess that 98% of my time in it nowadays is spent using #orgmode to keep notes on what’s going on at work.

Once upon a time, I helped some friends start a #Linux User Group called LUV. It's been a long time since I was involved, but I'm glad that it kept going for all these years – plenty of other people put in a lot of work to make it so, and more power to them! Despite that love for Linux, I've enthusiastically used other #Unix / Unix-like operating systems over the years too, and happily use a Mac desktop these days – it's all ok by me.