A Pint and a Parma

About A Pint and a Parma

A Pint and a Parma is an interconnected place for writing and publishing, powered by WriteFreely and ActivityPub.

Cos runs this service because he hopes to recapture something of the spirit of the β€œsmall web” when people self-published, information was truly distributed, and the Internet retained a sense of wonder.

The name is a dedication to the memory of a departed friend who loved catching up for a pint 🍻 and a parma πŸ“ as much as he loved fiddling with internet services πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ’».

A Pint and a Parma is home to 31 articles across 4 blogs.

About WriteFreely

WriteFreely is a self-hosted, decentralized blogging platform for publishing beautiful, simple blogs.

It lets you publish a single blog, or host a community of writers who can create multiple blogs under one account. You can also enable federation, which allows people in the fediverse to follow your blog, bookmark your posts, and share them with others.