the in-between days

Having some time on my hands is a gift – I've been using it to just get out and spend time on my feet, each day. I might struggle to suggest that I'm making the most of my time, but that's the point – I don't have to! The main battle has been to disconnect myself from the constant need to feel productive, and to just let it happen. This includes photographic opportunities.

I took a few film shots this morning, and only one phone shot:


What have I got from prior years, around this time? Five years ago I was in #Thailand:

Saturday morning market #people #bangkok #thailand #泰国 # #corrugated #silhouettes #wires #airconditioners #green

Ten years ago, I was in #Fitzroy looking at somebody's photography exhibition, in the middle of a haze of confusion around the new life I was trying to settle into:


Fifteen years ago, I'd flown to #Adelaide to help setup someone's WAN connection in their new office, and unexpectedly needing to stay overnight:


Twenty years ago I was watching Grand Salvo play:


#FilmPhotography #street #memories #music

[ This is a #NowAndThen post, where I try to dig through my #photography archives ]

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