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Fitness isn't for everybody. I struggled to find a way to appreciate it until I was the other side of 40, but thanks to a friend giving me the right kind of encouragement at the right time (thank you K), it found its way into my life in a way that I could work with. That was some years ago now, and I became (to my younger self's horror) a somewhat-regular gym attendee.

Years ago I spent a lot of time thinking about getting a Nintendo Wii in order to use Wii Fit, but never acted on it. Somewhere around the start of 2020 a work colleague in China told us about Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch. “Alright,” I thought, “this time I'll really do it” – it felt like an easy way for me to fill in a few extra days a week where I didn't make it to the gym. I ordered the game and bought a Switch (my first gaming console in nearly 16 years) in late January, just before Everything ChangedTM...


...which turned out to be excellent timing – maybe I should've bought a lottery ticket, too? As Melbourne's #lockdown settled in, I was able to start an irregular daily habit of a Ring Fit workout, which eventually settled into a proper daily routine. Today marked my 100th day of Ring Fit Adventure – I've already finished the main part of the game, but it lets you do another round of all the levels, just for the exercise, which I'm still working my way through. The game itself? It's basically a typical RPG but when it comes to battling the monsters, you have to do various workouts. This would've been perfect for 20-year old me, who really could've done with some kind of regular exercise habit.


So why do this? I'm stuck Working from Home as plenty of us are, and we really are staying home, apart from our single grocery shopping expedition each weekend. Doing this regular exercise at home stops me descending into an anxiety void, which I'd probably try filling with (more) food.

I've become a little more accepting of routine as I get older – I've come to appreciate that it's something you can hold onto when uncertainty hits, and so another routine that's been helping me out is 15 minutes of meditation each morning. The first thing I do after getting dressed. I've racked up 124 consecutive days of Headspace since just before lockdown commenced (another irregular habit that I've managed to make regular), and our cats have learnt that I become a comfortable place to sit while I'm doing it.

I hope you're all finding ways to keep going, somehow, and many many thanks to 冯炜 for telling me about Ring Fit at the right time.

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