Droughts and Mirages

When the pandemic hit and we were stuck with just being able to walk in an N-km radius from home, I assumed it’d all be fine because I’d still be able to pursue my #FilmPhotography and find plenty of things to take photos of. Somehow, though, it didn’t work out like that.

My lovely collection of film cameras, no matter how often I dipped into them to try a different one on each short trip, spent their time at the bottom of my bag while I walked and moped and struggled to find beauty in the everyday. When I did find a shot, my phone was just too convenient to avoid. Even when I recently travelled overseas – at last! – hoping for some inspiration in other places, the film shots didn’t come back looking that great, especially compared to the phone ones.

It feels like I’ve finally had a breakthrough, though, with a bunch of “keepers” from my first roll of JapanCameraHunter Streetpan 400. It’s enough to make me love black & white film again:


that guy


Wandering back in my archives, though, tells a slightly different story – there’s been a few more (film) winners in the last two years than I remembered, both from my much-loved Leica M6:

Lake Tyrrell, last week.


...and the medium format point-and-shoot Fuji GA645i that still occasionally surprises me after a decade:

seeing stars

a tiny moment of calm

But this is why I should be spending more time with my archives – it’s a great way to remind myself of what I have done, and helps challenge the devil on my shoulder that keeps telling me “meh. You’ve lost interest. It’s time to get rid of all that gear.”

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