death and the maiden

I woke up to a sea of memories from musicians and other folks about Tom Verlaine and Television; my own are more second-hand.


An influential friend gave me a mixtape in the last year of high school containing a single from a local band we all liked (and whose guitarist would, in a strange mixing of worlds much later on, become my manager for a year or so). The b-side of that single was a cover of Little Johnny Jewel which lodged itself squarely in my mind, even after I bought the impossibly good Marquee Moon later on.

Somewhere among the waves, I enjoyed reading Lucy Sante mention how every gig sounded different – it almost makes me miss going along to more live music in the hope of those transcendental moments (who am I kidding? I feel too old for all that standing up).


While I still love the insectoid spikiness of LJJ, another song feels closer to me in my middle age, and it feels like every time we're on the road on a warm afternoon, headed for nowhere. One might say this case is closed, eh?

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